Kidz OG Harems - Size 7


HAREM PANTS - now in Kidz size!

Also known as genie pants! Hipsta Kidz love them! With an elastic waist band and elastic foot holes they can wear them as pants or a funky jumpsuit!They're the comfiest, funkiest pants around! So much room to play in!When it's cold in Winter, chuck on a pair of leggings underneath! 

The Options

5 Sizes that will cover ages 6months - 12years!!!

  • Size 1 (age 6months - 2years)
  • Size 3 (age 3years - 5years)
  • Size 5 (age 5years - 7years)
  • Size 7 (age 7years - 9years)
  • Size 9 (age 9years - 12years)

  Hint: If you'd like these to last your Hipsta Kid for a few years make sure you buy the bigger size where possible.. E.g if your Hipsta Kid is nearly 5 years old, we'd recommend the size 5. Please Note - Colour may differ slightly in person.