Decorate your body!

Henna is an ancient Indian Body Art. Henna based products are used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies.
Henna based products are completely natural, non-permanent and painless.
Henna is a thick type of ink applied to the skin in patterns and designs. As it dries it stains the skin where it is applied. The dried ink will flake off and you are left with a beautiful henna tattoo! This will last anywhere from aprox 8 days - 3 weeks!
Use either a premade tube for prescision lines, or make up your own paste with our powders!!

How to use:

  • Wash the parts of the body with soap, before use of the Henna Tube.
  • Do not use any cream, Lotion or Oil on the part of the body before use of Henna Tube.
  • Before using, Open the cap of the tube by rotating and fit the nozzle on the tube mouth as supplied with the tube.
  • Now press the tube swiftly to remove the extra water. Press the tube slowly and uniformly, to draw fine delicate designs of your choice.
  • If “suddenly”, the Henna stops coming-out of the nozzle please clean the nozzle by a pin or needle from the back side.

Available in:

  • Single Tube - $5
  • 25g Powder Packet - $4
  • 250g Powder Cloth Bag - $20

Available in two colours:

  • Black
  • Brown