Every Hipsta store is equipped with it's own professional Body Piercing Studio. Our Napier branch is Council Certified as part of the Napier City Bylaw, to which we follow the same principles in all stores. We carefully follow the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Safe Body Piercing with pride. Each one of our Body Piercers has undergone an extensive in house Body Piercing training procedure for knowledge and experience.

We are open for piercings most days, and while we can take walk-ins depending on capacity, it is recommended you book in advance. 

Our prices include standard 316L Surgical Steel Jewellery. This can be upgraded to a diamante or G23 Titanium for an additional cost. Please consult your piercer if you have any allergies as we have titanium options available for an additional cost.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email piercingenquiries@hipsta.co.nz

Promotional $40 Days

We are widely known for our promotional piercing days. Each store has a selected day or days of the week, where we offer $40 needle piercings per hole.

These are widely talked about, and always book out. Booking in advance is recommended. Please see below for shop promo days.

Paraparaumu Beach Piercing Studio
$40 Promo Days are Monday and Wednesdays

Otaki Piercing Studio 
$40 Promo Days are Tuesdays and Saturdays

Palmerston North Piercing Studio
$40 Promo Days are Thursday and Sundays

Napier Piercing Studio 
$40 Promo Days are Fridays


Except for our promotional $40 days, pricing is as follows 

 Type of piercing Price
Earlobes with gun $35 ($20 single)

Earlobes up to Helix


$50 or double $90 (per person)

Forward Helix $60
Tragus $60
Anti-Tragus $60
Snug $60
Conch $60
Daith $60
Rook $60
Industrial $90
Nose $50
Septum $70
Tongue (16yrs and over ONLY) $70
Nipple (16yrs and over ONLY) $60 or double $100 (per person)


$60 or double $100 (per person)



$60 or double $100 (per person)



$60 or double $100 (per person)

Madonna / Monroe (Upper Lip) $60
Labret $60
Vertical Labret $70


Rules & Regulations

Each client must provide ID at their appointment. We accept Passport, Drivers License, NZ 18+ Card or Student ID with a valid photo. 

If you are under 16... if you must bring a parent or legal guardian to your appointment, and they must provide photo ID. No nipple or tongue piercings will be performed under 16 years.

We will not pierce  under the age of 13 (except for earlobes) regardless of parental consent. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Earlobe piercings with the gun are strictly ages 5 and up. 
  • We will NOT pierce any nose, or cartilage with the gun.
  • We cannot pierce anyone who is currently pregnant, or given birth within the last 3 months. Please consult with your piercer if you are exclusively  breastfeeding.

Please make sure you eat before your appointment.


Please click below to view our aftercare handout.



Health and Safety

Your health, safety and well-being are super important to us!

Our team of Body Piercers are fully certified and each studio adheres to extremely high hygiene standards. Each following the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Safe Piercing of Skin. We use high quality 316L Surgical Steel for all piercings, and can provide certification of jewellery material.
Our Napier store, in particular is council certified.

Piercing prices

The following prices will take effect from 1 March 2022.   Pricing chart for piercings