Each Hipsta store has a fully certified body piercing studio, with qualified body piercers!

We can pierce most days, and while we can take walk-ins we prefer you book in advance, as we never like turning people away.

Hit the book now button to secure your time and store. Your body piercing price also Includes the jewellery. We do not pierce with rings.

Promo $30 Days

We have a 'Promo $30 day' evey week in each store, whereby you can get a needle piercing for just $30, or Industrial piercing for $60. ($30 per hole)

Bookings are preferred for our promo days and they differ from store to store please see below:

Paraparaumu Beach Piercing Studio
Promo $30 Days are Monday and Wednesdays

Otaki Piercing Studio 
Promo $30 Days are Saturdays

Palmerston North Piercing Studio
Promo $30 Days are Thursday and Sundays

Napier Piercing Studio 
Promo $30 Days are Fridays


Except for our Promo $30 Days all our pricing is as follows:

 Type of piercing Price
Earlobes with gun $30
Earlobes up to Helix $40, Double $60 (per person)
Forward Helix $50
Tragus $50
Anti-Tragus $50
Snug $50
Conch $50
Daith $50
Rook $50
Industrial $80 
Nose $40
Septum $60
Tongue **16yrs and over ONLY** $50 
Nipple -**16yrs and over ONLY** $50, Double $80 (per person)
Belly $50, Double $80 (per person)
Eyebrow $50, Double $80 (per person)
Lip $50, Double $80 (per person)
Madonna / Monroe (Upper Lip) $50
Labret $50
Vertical Labret $50


Rules & Regulations

Everyone must provide ID. No I.D. = no piercing, we accept passport, drivers licence, NZ 18+ Card or Student ID (with photo)

  • If you are under 16yrs old:
    • you must provide photo I.D. at your appointment and;
    • you will need to bring your parent/legal guardian, and they must provide photo I.D. 
    • No nipple or tongue piercings will be performed under 16 years.
  • For ear piercings with a gun (Lobes) must be over 5yrs old.
  • We only use the gun up to third lobe piercings.
  • We do NOT use the gun for higher up on the ear, or on noses.
  • We do NOT pierce pregnant people or people who are exclusively breastfeeding. 

Please make sure you eat before your appointment.




Health and Safety

Your health, safety and well-being are super important to us!

  • All our piercers are certified
  • We follow the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Safe Piercing of Skin
  • All four of our studios adhere to extremely high hygiene standards
  • Our Napier studio also has council consent. 
  • We use autoclaves for sterilising and your piercing will be with surgical steel of the highest quality all our Jewelley is certified 


Pricing chart for piercings